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Lens information

Hi-resolution at daytime ... and GenIII at night

very long range maritime color surveillance camera


At nighttime camera switch to GenIII (starlight)

United Vision Security Systems, Co. introduces the Eagle Vision,SkyCam series surveillance cameras equipped with  color,  B/W, IR Gen III intensifier,Long Range IR PTZ system; and Thermal Imager.   Applications may include highway, tunnel, and parking lot surveillance – the list is only limited by your imagination.

1- DAY/Night  SkyCam Camera System

The SkyCam series cameras switch automatically from color, for daytime use, to ultra-sensitive B/W for nighttime surveillance. Minimum light intensity for the color mode is 0.3 lx , and 0.02lx  for the B/W mode. With a sensitivity enhancement of 32x, full color surveillance in light as low as 0.01 lx can be obtained. When combined with an infrared light source, these cameras, in their B/W mode, can be used in extremely low light conditions. 

Color mode is suitable for daytime surveillance and where there is sufficient visible spectrum or artificial light at night to provide usable images. 

 Monochrome mode is suitable for nighttime surveillance where there is a natural source of near-IR light, such as a full moon or where an artificial near-IR light source is available. Monochrome mode is also suitable for daytime surveillance where color is not a requirement. 

Available Lenses for SkyCam are 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 375mm, 500mm, 750mm, 1300mm with 2X extender we double zooming power of the cameras

*Recognition           Lens                  **Detection

< 1/2 km               200,250               up to 1 km

up to 1/2 km         300,375                up to 2 km

up to 1 km            500mm                  up to 3-4 km

up to 2 km            750 mm                 up to 6-7 km

up to 4 km           1300mm                > 10km

* based on target size 1mx2m

** based on target size  4mx4m

very long range maritime color surveillance camera

2- Eagle Vision Camera System with EMMCD sensor

Endless rotation 0-360 degree, Absolute position and Pelco-D protocol with Axis 241 encoder video TCp/IP option

The Eagle Vision series cameras includes EV3000 utilized Gen III intensifier coupled with Black and White camera for very low light applications. This application implies very limited available light. The only light available may be from starlight or other light sources.  The EV3000 provide good contrast images as long as some reflected light is available to reflect off of objects, with a sensitivity  as low as 0.000006 lux . 

EV3000 Dual utilized color camera with Gen III intensifier, the camera switch automatically from color, for daytime use, to IR Gen III  B/W for nighttime surveillance with a sensitivity  as low as 0.00001 lux can be obtained. 

When combined with an infrared light source, these cameras ( EV3000 and EV3000D ), can be used in extremely low light conditions. 

Lenses available for Eagle Vision are IR lenses 250mm, 375mm, 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm

For 0 Lux application

Eagle Vision TI-7000 un-cooled Thermal camera 

Eagle Vision TI-4000 cooled Thermal camera

Eagle Vision IR Long Range Camera

Long Range Thermal  Imager

Long Range Camera IR PTZ system


This sophisticated technology measures radiated heat from an object.  

These cameras are used in applications where it is desirable to detect or measure infrared energy given off by objects. 

EV TI-7000 is designed for short range up to 3 km, low maintenance, 24 hrs surveillance,  working in 7-14 µm, and resolution 320x240

Lenses Available are 19mm, 3mm, 50mm, and 100mm

EV TI-4000 is designed for Mid and long range up to 20 km,  working in 3-5 µm, and high resolution 640x480

Camera performance

Special camera enclosures; explosion proof, bullet proof, and pressurized. 

Customized Solution includes IR thermal long range camera , Hi resoltion color Camera, Pan Tilt units, Decoders, and power supply.

ALL made of 316L stainless steel,  designed to work in highly corrosive environments, and for maximum corrosion resistance.

Pan/Tilt units

Camera Housing/Enclosure

316L Stainless Steel Camera  Enclosure PTZ explosion proof camera systems

316L Stainless Steel Pan Tilt Unit PTZ explosion proof camera systems

• 316L Stainless Steel Camera Housing, wiper and washer (options)
• EExd IIC T6, Zone 1
• thermostatically controlled heater/demister
• 110 / 240 / 24 VAC. and 24 VDC.
• Germanium viewing window for IR camera
• IP66 Ingress protection

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CAMERA  LINK   Datasheet
Eagle Vision  Tri EV3000-Tri   color at day, NIR or IR  at night, and thermal sensor for 0 lux EV-Tri
Eagle Vision Color at day and Night Vision at night with EM technology EV3000
Eagle Vision Dual Color at day and   Black & White at night with Gen III night Vision EV3000D
 Thermal Camera 0 lux IR camera TI-7000
SkyCam Ultra low light camera

color at day and  B&W at night


Long Range Day.Night Camera system with target tracking and laser rangefinder

Use the following link to calculate camera's range

Note : for Eagle Vision with EM and Gen III use 1/2" sensor,

SkyCam can be 1/3" or 1/2"

"program developed by STAM"