Camera Enclosure / Housing  


Harsh environment explosion proof camera enclosures

Camera/lens enclosures are designed to protect Camera sensor.
The enclosure is sealed and pressurized with dry nitrogen to keep out moisture, pollution, chemicals, salt, and grime.

Special camera enclosures; explosion proof, bullet proof, and pressurized. 
Customized Solution includes IR thermal long range camera , Hi resoltion color Camera, Pan Tilt units, Decoders, and power supply.
ALL made of 316L stainless steel,  designed to work in highly corrosive environments, and for maximum corrosion resistance.

316L Stainless Steel Camera  Enclosure PTZ explosion proof camera systems

316L Stainless Steel Pan Tilt Unit PTZ explosion proof camera systems

• 316L Stainless Steel Camera Housing, wiper and washer (options)
• EExd IIC T6, Zone 1
• thermostatically controlled heater/demister
• 110 / 240Vac.
• Germanium viewing window for IR camera
• IP66 Ingress protection

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CAMERA  LINK   Datasheet
Eagle Vision  Tri EV3000-Tri   color at day, NIR or IR  at night, and thermal sensor for 0 lux EV-Tri
Eagle Vision Color at day and Night Vision at night with EM technology EV3000
Eagle Vision Dual Color at day and   Black & White at night with Gen III night Vision EV3000D
 Thermal Camera 0 lux IR camera TI-7000
SkyCam Ultra low light camera

color at day and  B&W at night


Long Range Day.Night Camera system with target tracking and laser rangefinder

Use the following link to calculate camera's range

Note : for Eagle Vision with EM and Gen III use 1/2" sensor,

SkyCam can be 1/3" or 1/2"

"program developed by STAM"


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